Here You can see where We have been...


Łubowo April 2015
2015 Season Opening
Iwona & Martin's civil wedding
In may we have privilege to be a part of this jolly event which was a civil wedding of SCC President - Jwayne's doughter!!! We wish many happy days and lot of love !! :)
Chapter Sweden
First's ride of Chapter Sweden :)
Moto Cod 2009
soon gallery will be uploaded...
Kletno 2009
First international meeting with our friends from Italy and Finland.
Let's start riding!!
100 people, 66 motorcycle - we started officially season :)
First presentation in Poland of a brand new Suzuki Intruder M1500
In the theater, there was prepared special show for SuzukiCruiserClub. The star was new Suzuki Intruder M1500.
Season 2008... only day's left to officially start it :)
We have lot's of km/miles to ride in season 2008 (Lithuania, Italy, Alps and lot's of polish lands). And what about club.. well We have more and more KM and cc in SCC!! :D Our friend is first rider in Poland who will be cruisering on Intruder C1800R!!
SCC for Kids - cool kids on super bikes ;-)
Spontaneous meeting with Kids from Michalin. Children were very happy, and We also were ;-) Thanks to BasiaP for organizating trip and all Cruiser's man for taking a part in that event.
May Weekend 2007
40 members of SCPc and SCC have spend great weekend. Temperature average below 5 C, but the atmosphere was great. Special thanks to PJ & Nadia for splendid organized weekend. BIG congratulations to 5 "Master's Cruiser" from South: Sylvia "Salsa", Kamil, Miki, Ziutek and Eddi for making so many km. Thank You all for being there with SCPc & SCC
Official Beginning of Season 2007 - Czestochowa
In Czestochowa We have started official Season 2007. It was our the biggest meeting, more then 75 members of SCC where taking a part in that meeting. And there where 53 motorcycle. Such a view can really impress even on oldest cruiserman ;-) Special thanks to 'South' for great birthday cake (V years of SCC). And also to Sylvia and Pniaq for unbelievable show of salsa. Guy's You all are great big thanks for all that V years. Remember club is You, and You are club. Everything depens from You, how We will spend next 5 years.
Another meeting of SCPc members from Warsaw. We had super clubing night.
Chlodna 41 - street
Meeting in new local of the MotoGrace, all the members of SCC, thanks for coming ;-)
Soszow - 2007
Meeting on the snow... "South" have met on ski's...
Chańcza 2006
Christmas Party...
Kazimierz 2006
Great place, great people, magnificent foray.
Augustow City and small Amazon
42 members of SCPc were resting in magic place under the small Amazon river "Hańcza".

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