Our mettings are spontaneous, if You would like to ride with Our Club, mail to Us. We will invite You to whole mettings in season. See You somewhere on a highway...



On maps (blue points) You can see in which part's of World live Our Friends and people from SCC. If You would like to cruise with other crazy people :) contact Us, We can help You to find motorcycle friends in Your region or even open there a chapter.





North America

.:Motorcycles. It's our Passion.

We are all trying to manage our time the way that allows us to ride them
as much as possible, they make our lives "full color". Thanks to them,
we're allowed to feel free from everyday routine and stresses. Without
motorcycles we probably wouldn't even meet each other - never.
Our Club is a group of wonderful people, we became friends faster than
the eye could flick. "One for all, all for one" - we're trying to keep
to this words all the time.

Our Club was founded in 2002, the beginning wasn't easy, but today we
all know it was worth it...

.:Our Cruiser's

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